About Us

The mission of Pankow Construction is simple: To empower homeowners by providing an exceptional level of expertise in every part of the home remodeling process, from design to construction, all under one roof.

After working in the home remodeling industry for several years, Rob Pankow, a Phoenix native, had heard his fair share of stories about bad home remodeling experiences. From outrageous proposals to construction nightmares, Rob saw a trend of home remodeling firms taking a quantity-over-quality approach, disrespecting clients’ budgets and lacking the attention-to-detail necessary for quality design, craftsmanship and ultimately customer relationships.

In 2000, Rob founded Pankow Construction seeing the value that a superior Design + Build home remodeling service would bring to the valley. By bringing both design and construction expertise in-house and by making communication a top priority, the team at Pankow Construction is able to present clients with well-informed designs complete with cost estimates, construction considerations, and 2D/3D visualizations right off the bat. After 19 years of operation, Pankow Construction has also been able to build partnerships with some of the best craftsmen and building suppliers in Phoenix and in the nation, earning pricing advantages on premium products like Wellborn Cabinets and Shaw Floors which get passed on directly to the client.

Conveniently located in the heart of Phoenix just steps away from the famous La Grande Orange, Pankow Construction invites you to schedule a visit to the office for a free consultation or just to browse the showroom.