Bathroom Remodeling

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Making sense of the bathroom remodeling experience.

Bathroom Vanities

Your vanity is a critical component of your bathroom. It's a place that needs to be functional to get you ready to start and end the day. But just because the vanity is a utilitarian cabinet doesn't mean it can't look like a beautiful piece of furniture.

We offer custom-built cabinetry as well as Wellborn, an American-Made semi-custom cabinet. In addition, our years of experience with past clients gives us insight on how to maximize the function of your vanity without sacrificing your bathroom remodel's aesthetic appeal.

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Beautiful Showers

Some people prefer showers in the morning, others at night. Either way, the experience should be a refreshing one. You may have an existing tub/shower combo or outdated walk-in shower that makes you dread your morning or night ritual. Whatever the situation is, we will work with you to priortize your needs and create the shower your bathroom remodel deserves.

When a shower isn't being used, it stands as a piece of art. That's why it's important to choose the right tile and plumbing fixtures. If this process seems overwhelming, don't worry! We offer professional interior design services to put together the pieces for you.

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How the Bathroom Remodel Process Works

Pankow Construction is a Phoenix Design + Build Firm - which means your designer, project manager and construction team work under the same roof. From the beginning, you work with a designer to build a bathroom design in 3D including showers, tile layout and vanities. This is by far the best way to visualize your new bathroom remodel and ensure What You See is What You Get. After a design and budget are approved, we hand things over to the project manager to help you with your timeline, schedule and ordering bathroom selections (directly or with the interior designers). From there we are able to start construction with a proper road map that ensures everyone is on the same page.

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Get Inspired

Our website is a great resource to get inspired for your bathroom remodel. Be sure to visit our gallery to view our past remodels.

In addition to our website, we encourage our clients to start at Houzz to build your own ideabook. We find this a great resource for collobartion - not to mention a great way to kill some time.

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