Architectural Design

Seeing is believing.

See how we're using cutting edge technology to provide a superior home remodeling experience.

If Construction Happens in 3D — Shouldn't Design?

Pankow Construction has more than 15 years of 3D remodeling experience in Phoenix. We have the technical skills to ensure your design process is fast, efficient and a true representation of your completed remodel.

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What you see is what you get

Getting Started

If we determine that design services are needed after our initial consultation, we'll put together a design contract to start work - typically the same day. From there, we'll schedule a time to come back to your home to take measurements. This usually takes anywhere from one to three hours.

With detailed measurements we're able to build an accurate 3D model of your existing home, allowing us to show you design iterations in real-time before construction begins. Having a 3D model also helps us navigate important structural, plumbing and electrical decisions that could otherwise cause complications during the remodeling process.

The Fun Part!

After the 3D model is complete, we'll get to work on your design based on the priorities discussed during our initial consultation and any other correspondence. This process can take anywhere from two to three weeks.

Once we have a completed design, you can swing by our office for a 3D presentation. This meeting isn't just show and tell; it's an actual design consultation where we can move around the model and make changes in real-time. This includes moving walls, adding furniture, building cabinets, windows and doors and so much more. See the video below for an example!

3d Demo